• Reviw: St. Ives Nourished and smooth oatmeal scrub+mask

    November 18, 2017

    My skin type is dry and it becomes even more dry in winters.Sometimes my cheeks area becomes flaky and cracked. To get rid of this situation we have to use scrubs to buff away dry flakes and it also helps other skincare products apply more easily. That’s why i’m vary of heavy duty scrubs but i have found gentle ones with smaller particles.This scrub is one of them. I am using this from three weeks and here is my review on the same.

    Product Description:
    From America’s #1 Scrub brand, this new dual purpose formula combines oatmeal extract with 100% Natural Exfoliants. Use as a mark to nourish dry skin or as a scrub to smooth away dullness.
    Product Benefits
    Formulated without Parabens
    Dermatologist tested


     My verdict
    Starting with it’s packaging, this scrub comes in a really soft and squeezable plastic tube with a flip cover.It is white in color with regular St Ives prints and patterns printed on it.Details like ingredients, claims, directions are listed on it.  

    Talking about its texture; the creamy white texture has tiny brown particles of oatmeal extract. when applied to the skin feels soft and has very gentle particles.

    As a scrub it is best product as it is good to remove black heads and dirt from face pores. Also it buffs away dry patches from cheeks. 

     It also has sticky property that is why it also acts as a mask. But i did not get overwhelming results after using it as a mask. As it did not regenerated the skin but gave a fresh glow and smooth skin.

    It is a gentle scrub with added benefits of mask but you can not replace it with your favorite mask. For me it is good for my sensitive skin which does not tolerate harsh particle scrubs and i will continue purchasing it.

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