• Practk palmat by Sigma Beauty

    April 11, 2017

    Salam guys!!!
    Practk is created by innovative founders of Sigma Beauty. Palmat is their first product that makes the makeup brush cleaning a whole lot easier. We love playing with makeup and obviously the brushes we use for makeovers need cleaning. This is a small but powerful tool that quickly and easily removes makeup buildup and bacteria from makeup brushes.


    Practk palmat is a bright purple color sillicon brush cleaner. It came in a hard box, in that box plastic cover was wrapped in a soft paper. Packaging keeps the product safe.



    This cleaner  has 3-patterned tectures for small and large brushes It is very portable because of its size fits in any makeup bag.It can be used in two ways either wear it on your  palm for easy brush cleaning or place it in a sink for hands-free cleaning. It is adjustable to fit all hand sizes. For the second method it has suction cups on the bottom side.



    Take a brush which needs cleaning and  wet it under the tap.

    Put any brush cleanser on the palmat i used johnson’s top-to-toe body wash as it works absolutely fine.

    Swirl your brush bristles on the mat until all the makeup comes out of it.

    Now wash your brush and mat under tap for thoroughly cleaning. This is my brush after cleaning.

    Practk palmat is extremely practical tool and very affordable at the same time. It works amazing to remove any makeup or dirt from brushes.
     Availability :
    Practk palmat is available on their website for 9.95$ only and they ship worldwide.
     This Product was sent to me for review purpose but my opinions are genuine and honest

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