• Online hijab shops part 2

    April 24, 2017

    Finally, i managed to write the second part of online hijab shops blog. In this section i will mention the remaining popular shops which i find interesting and attractive to buy from.
    Forohaar is actually a home-based clothing store of formal, casual wear and accessories. Their main focus is silk painting, hand-painting and hand-screen printing on fabric. Their hand screen printed luxury scarfs and pocket squares are quite famous.
    As my post is all about hijabs/scarfs so i will talk about them only. Hand screen printed scarfs in silk, chiffon and viscose material are available. 

    You will find scarves in polka dots, floral, strips and they have a beautiful color pallate to choose from.

    5-Saba scarves
     SABA aims to promote the pin-less instant hijab style, made in Malaysia. They are based online in Pakistan. Instant hijabs are easier to carry and time savers.
    They have variety of colors in inner caps from plane to pleated. 

    Although i did not get a chance to wear these instant hijabs but i find them very convenient and comfortable at the same time. They are a big time savers if you are in a hurry or get up late for the college.

    6:The hijab shop-creative trends 
    To be honest i came to know about this shop three days ago and find  huge variety of plane and printed hijabs. This shop was launched in 2016. Plane viscose, shimmer viscose,embroidered viscose,chiffon shine, crochet, lace, pearl lace and dual silk are available. 

    They have wide range of Inner caps, tube bonnet, net caps, pleated hijab caps in different colors. Hijab pins, clips, square scarfs, niqaabs and pin cushions can be shopped from them. 
    Just look at the cute hijab pins they have.

    I have tagged all the shops in my instagram post about the blog Go check their pages for more details. Hope you like my blog don’t forget to comment. Have a great day!

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