• online hijab shops part 1

    April 17, 2017

    Hope you all are doing well. i was thinking to write about hijab for a long time finally it is here. If u are a hijaabi or niqaabi  or you just like to wrap scarves around your neck this post is exactly for you. I am a big fan of online-shopping and this is the reason i have searched a lot about online available scarves/hijabs etc. i came up with the idea of sorting up the top online hijab shops. Some of them have their outlets too. I will mention below in shops detail. There are many quality hijab shops so i have decided to split this post in two parts.

    Hijabeaze is an online as well as wall in hijab brand by former actress Urooj Asif. It was launched in 2012. They have wide range of Hijabs, Underscarf caps, Tube bonnet, scrunch-eaze, Flower clips, Hair-bands , Head-pieces, Sleeves, Hijab pin wheel, Snug free pin(Oval), tikkas, Stunning Broches & other accessories, etc.
     In Hijab collection they have pearleaz, dual sided, hoojeaze, lace, chunkeaze, niqab hoojeaz, hoodie drapes, quick fix drapes and formal. Some of them are instant hijabs which make them comfortable and easy to carry at the same time.

     They have a huge variety of underscarves, printed, plane tubes, bandanas, ninjas,head and neck cover ups.

    2:Zaynah Studios
    Zaynah means beauty. Zaynah is about a middle-eastern/Arabic idea of charm in a distinct way. Their trendy scarfs/hijabs are perfect whether you are a working/professional executive, a graceful student, or a traditional housewife. The brand was launched in 2012.
    They have a variety of plane viscose, shimmer viscose, silk, machine embroided, tasseled in formal and casual. They have a huge collection and color choices in each design i will be surely reviewing this brand in detail soon.

    Their headgear collection is very pretty you can wear them boldly.

    Have a look at elastic headbands and hijab pins by zaynah. And their prices are quite affordable.

    3:Pink hijab shop
    This is an online shop was started in 2015 by Amaya Sadaf. Pink Hijab Shop provides a single platform for scarves and accessories from across the globe.
    Headbands are their speciality , they are handmade with unique kind of laces available in Pakistan. Like scarves their headbands are not only for Hijabis but our Non-Hijabi as well.
    They have a huge variety of plain viscose, shimmer viscose, printed viscose, crinkled, crushed and linen hijabs.

    They also have different kinds of hijab bands, lace,floral tiara etc. Which are beautifully handmade.Hijab pins are also available on this shop.

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