• Letsoap Blossomic Beauty anti-aging soap

    October 19, 2018

    About Brand:
    Letsoap is an online organic skincare shop. They sell fresh and handcrafted soaps; manufactured with natural herbs, essential oils and other minerals. Most of their soaps are created to target skin problems like acne, spots, wrinkles and patches.
    raw honey, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, carrot seed essential oil, glycerine
    Blossomic Beauty

    It is the an anti-aging soap rich in Vitamin A, E and Fatty acids. Both vitamins A and E are proven to reduce wrinkles by generating new skin cells.
    I have been using this soap for more than two weeks and I am loving pampering myself with this beauty. It did not cause any rashes to my sensitive skin. Most of the new products i try break me out. but it did not. it makes a soft froth and very gentle to skin. I love my soft and hydrated skin after every use. Also I love the fact that it does not over dry my skin like other soaps.

    Now coming to the anti-aging part I can not comment much on this property because one needs long term use to see these effects. It definitely provides moisturization which skin needs to prevent from wrinkles and fine lines.
    It also provides UV protection. I will definitely recommend this soap to get a younger and clearer skin. 
    You can shop from here Letsoap
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