• Janna Regenerative Bio-cellulose Facial Treatment Mask

    December 27, 2018

    Janna is dedicated to create beautiful skin and for this, have a range of skin care items and masks. Their products are formulated using skincare super powers in combination with the best natural and organic ingredients to give us a Paraben Free formulation. with the targeted masks for the face and body that suit every skin type and condition Janna has mask just for you.

    What is so special about bio-Cellulose mask?
    Bio cellulose can retain 100 times its dry weight in fluid –Which means the bio cellulose fabric loses/evaporates less than 10% of its fluid (water and serum)

    This particular sheet mask uses active ingredients like shea nut butter. Personally anything with shea butter is appealing to me as it makes the skin hydrated. The mask actually made my skin soft and supple. My skin was brighter and little more plump. Also shea butter is considered to be an anti-aging agent as it stimulates collagen production. 


    The mask was drenched in serum and it fitted perfectly on face.
    I would definitely recommend this mask for instant brightness and hydration.

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