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    March 18, 2017

    Asslamoalikum !!!

    This is my very first blog post so please guys ignore my mistakes 😀 Hair matters is an online cosmetic store having a wide range of natural products for different hair types. i came to know about this store by facebook as i am a natural products freak i love to explore natural/organic products..and also i was having dry, rough and frizzy hair & having a worst hair fall..i ordered this beautiful basket(sorry for not taking picture of that beautiful basket) from their fb page..it consists of two products healthy hair mask and the ultimate hair treat oil.

    Ultimate hair treat oil

    It is a mixture of 14 oils which helps to reduce different hair problems including hair fall, dandruff, splitends, i have mentioned earier i have dry and rough hair this mixture of oils gave life to my hair even after first application. it repairs damaged hair and protects the scalp from itching it makes hair shiny and healthy. It comes in a 150ml bottle costs rs 1400.


    Healthy hair mask
    This powdered form mask comes in a container and we have to use it by mixing two tbs of mask in two tbs of yogurt or as per length your hair i used 3-4 tbsp as i have long hairs..add few drops of ultimate hair oil in it too..apply it for 40 minutes..and ddd you will love the results even after first wash. Literally, i was amazed by the results as they got soft, shinier and smooth. i used this mask once in a week and my hair looks like they were never dry-textured.it costs rs 500.

    essential hair basket price including delivery charges is Rs 2000/.

    p.s This is not a PR product its my personal purchase and my review is based on my personal experience.

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