• CRE8SKIN Salmon Oil Mask Review

    December 30, 2017

    Salmon Oil Mask 
    Korean brands are known for their using weird ingredients in beauty products. Salmon as a beauty ingredient??? To be honest I heard it for the first time. I was very curious to try this mask since it was arrived. Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for skin health.

     Product description:
    It includes 5 sheet masks per pack.  Mask is soaked in serum and skincare ingredients. Just place it on your face.It has very good adherence to stay on face and does not slip on.

     Mask is well saturated in essence that it is dripping from it and there was extra serum in the envelope too. which i applied on neck.

    Main Ingredients:

    • Salmon oil
    • Salmon roe extract 
    • Sodium DNA

    Infusing salmon oil in skincare boost hydration, prevent acne and delays the skin aging process. While salmon roe enzymes delivers exfoliation without thinning the skin and Sodium DNA helps in cell regeneration.

    Product Claims:
    The product claims to whiten the complexion, moisturize face and fight wrinkles.
    My experience:
    I applied the mask for good 20 minutes as described on the product so that all the essence absorbs in face and does not evaporate. Well after removing it from my face , i found my skin very soft and glowy instantly. Also, it was well moisturized. 

    For wrinkle removing property, i can not comment much because one has to use the product for long time to see the visible results. I felt my complexion clear and fair which was for a whole day.  It smells like parfum and does not feel gross as it sounds because of fish oil.

    • Essence of mask is thick and little sticky.
    • Mask has perfect size to fit on all size faces. 
    •  Good adherence property.  
    • Mask is well saturated in essence.
    •  Smells like parfum no fishy smell at all.
    • Put it for 20 minutes and all the essence absorbs in to the skin.
    •  Leaves well hydrated , bright and soft skin.i just couldn’t stop touching my face 
    •  But the brightness was not for a longer time. 
    • Even after removing from face mask was moisturized with the essence

    • Very sharp smell.
    • Results do not last longer like brightness. 
    This review is sponsored by CRE8SKIN but I am reviewing this product honestly and to help you people choose best skincare products.

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