• Bonanza Satrangi Paris in Bloom shower Gel Review

    October 21, 2018

    The best shower gel is one that cleanse our skin without stripping skin of its natural oils. 

    Today I am going to review bonanza Satrangi “Paris in bloom” shower gel. It smells sooooo good. I have to say their self care products are really good.I am also using their body lotion from another range. 

    Showering with body wash ever day can be a drying process but obviously you need to cleanse. I am so satisfied with this gel because it does not dry out my skin too much. It contains effective moisturizing ingredients like Shea butter, cocoa and vitamin E. It also contains harsh cleanser like sodium lauryl ether sulfate. Which can over dry skin but because It is chock-full of moisturizers and conditioners mentioned above so they babalance each other.
    I did not face over dryness after use. it does not lather too much but I like the way it bubbled and left me clean. 

    Smells amazing
    Cleanse perfectly
    Contains olive oil
    Contains vitamin E oil
    Does not strip of skin’s natural oil
    Contains SLES
    Contains perfumes 

    Have you ever tried any of their products? How did you like it?
    Comment below to let me know. 

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