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    January 8, 2019

    Recently i got to try Beauty of Joseon revitalize sleeping mask. This mask is known for its dual purpose of brightening and anti-aging. Before i get to the review here’s a bit of background on the brand.

    About Brand
    Beauty of Joseon brand is based on a book “kyuhab chongso” about traditional skin care of top class in Joseon Dynasty. The idea is unchanging beauty using herbal and fermented ingredients that would result in clean, clear skin. Joseon recreates those formulas using key ingredients such as rice bran, soybean, honey and apricots which will nourish your skin.

    There are three main ingredients of this mask
    Black soybean~ improves elasticity and firmness of the skin with poly phenol.
    Ginseng~ tends the skin smoothly and revitalize it.
    Orchid extracts~ provides hydration, smooths and soften skin.

    The packaging of mask is very elegant It comes in an opaque plastic jar. Which looks like a glass jar with grey lid.

    The box is made from Korean traditional mulberry paper. Jar comes covered with that paper too tied with straw and paper tag. 

    It looks so fancy and lavish. It comes with a spatula which i find very convenient and hygienic.

    The mask is unclear water-gel cream; it is like a memory foam when you scoop out it comes back to its original smooth shape. No matter how much you stir or whirl the product it will revert to its initial form like you have never used it.

    It feels lightweight on the skin and absorbs quickly when smoothed into skin. It has no fragrance.
    My thoughts
    I have been using it for good 3 weeks now and i feel a drastic change in my skin since i am using this. I take a little amount on spatula and spread it evenly over my face and neck. It is not greasy at all. I have sensitive dry skin and It feels very hydrating and soothing. When i wake up in the morning my skin feels supple, smooth and baby soft. I love how it helps boost skin’s elasticity and smoothness while brightening it.
    Three weeks ago When my skin broke out and it became itchy/itritated specially around jaw line and this mask helped soothe my skin overnight. It does great job in rejuvenating skin and making it smoother.
    This sleeping mask is now favourite part of my nighttime routine. i use it as last step to seal in all the moisture. This mask provides overnight skin regeneration boost and enhance the resuts of your skin care. I think all skin types would benefit from this mask. i would definitely recommend this product and will repurchase it.

    Available at BLING’DEAR

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