• 24k gold serum

    March 28, 2017

    Asslamo alikum girls!
    This is another skin care product review. Oils and serums are everywhere these days either you are watching youtube videos or your  insta feed. I was so curious to know about these moisturizing face oils that i ended up on an fb page “Spa in a bottle”. The page claims to provide chemical free all natural skin care products that have been made using virgin oils and high quality essential oils. So i thought to give it a try. I ordered 2rum4k gold serum. It came in a cute envelope like this.


    The packaging of the bottle includes 10ml glass bottle with a dropper as a cap. Dropper makes easy to take oil from bottle. This dark yellow color oil is a blend of essential oils infused with 24k gold dust, absorbs into skin very smoothly and leaves your skin hydrating and glowy. Thes gold dust particles can be seen in the oil.This oil is made with roseship seed oil, lemongrass oil (that’s why smells like lemon) , pumpkin seed oil, Apricot oil, Sweet Almond oil and Jojoba oil. 



    It can be used as a moisturizer or mixed with any moisturizer.
    Can be used as a makeup primer before applying your foundation.
    Or may be mixed with foundation.
    As a lip hydrator (before applying any matt lipstick).

    This face oil is best to use when you wash your face and it is damp lightly. The gold dust does not make skin shimmery but glowy, smooth and very fresh. After using for more than 2 weeks i am amazed with the results. My super dry skin which needs a moisturizer in summer too have become super soft. Additoionaly it makes your skin even toned.I have used this oil on my lips too so i can say its also a best lip hydrator/balm.  I am loving this oil and i will buy it again. it costs me 600 excluding delivery charges. This is the picture of oil when applied on skin after blending.


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